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free reportLive Abroad Rent Free…
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Imagine you could live ANYWHERE. Rent-free.

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There really is a way you can do this. Yet almost nobody knows about it!

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… anywhere you want to go!

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QUICK NOTE: I GUARANTEE that if you put this secret to wise use, you will have a more authentic, more connected, more “real-world” travel experience than anyone else who travels the “traditional” way! (And spend thousands less than most everyone else, too!)

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free report5 Easy Ways You Can Make $3,000 to $10,000 A Month (Or More) From Almost Anywhere In                        The World!

I’ve got some great news for you.

Making money overseas just got a whole lot easier.

That’s because… thanks to the internet… it’s now entirely possible to make a very handsome living from just about anywhere in the world.

In fact, the internet could be the closest thing to a real-life “dream come true” for world travelers looking to make a buck or two (or a whole lot more) while overseas.

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Let me ask you a few quick questions:

  • Do you like to read and write?
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In fact, once you establish yourself in any of the situations we’ll introduce you to, you could wind up pulling in $3,000, even $10,000 or more a month from anywhere in the world you want to be…

NOTE: Several of our friends have been making this happen with great success -- for years now -- in some of the world’s most exotic, enchanting destinations. Paris, Nicaragua’s Pacific Coast and Buenos Aires, Argentina are just a few that come to mind…

You’ll get all the details on the best opportunities to make money from anywhere right now (and how to get started right away) in the FREE Special Report 5 Easy Ways You Can Make $3,000 to $10,000 A Month (Or More) From Almost Anywhere In The World.

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free reportThe Best English-Speaking Retirement Haven in the Whole Wide World!

It’s only a few hours away by plane.

It boasts warm, Caribbean seas and sunny, year-round weather…

It’s home to an English-speaking population…

And it offers a cost of living that’s up to 50% less than other Caribbean destinations.

And if that’s not enough to pique your curiosity…

… it also offers 0ne of the world’s best retiree programs!

… THIS tiny English-speaking Caribbean country is truly a budget-conscious, sun-worshiping, English-speaking retiree’s dream.

In fact, this country’s retirement program is so easy to qualify for, you don’t even need to be “retired” – or even of retirement age – to take advantage of it!

And here’s the kicker…

You only need to spend one month a year in this nearby country (it’s only a few hours from most U.S. airports) to maintain your money-saving “retiree” status !

And we’ll show you how to make it happen… without a hitch!

In the special report The Best English-Speaking Retirement Haven in the Whole Wide World you’ll find out all the details on how to make this Caribbean nation your new retirement home.

You’ll find out:

  • How to live well in this retirement haven on as little as $1,415 a month. (Yes, it’s possible. Even in the English-speaking Caribbean!)
  • The best places to retire in this haven. (This advice alone can save you literally hundreds of thousands of dollars… should you decide to retire here. And you won’t give up any creature comforts, either!)
  • Where you can find a two-bedroom home here with a tropical veranda overlooking a lush garden filled with plum, banana, coconut, orange, and lime trees for just $45,000!
  • … and much, much more.

This report takes all the guesswork out of qualifying for this English-speaking nation’s ultra-attractive retirement program.

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free reportHow to Stake Your Claim on
the Pacific Coast’s Soon-to-Boom
“100-Mile Miracle”

Not long ago, a gentleman named Ronan McMahon embarked on a real estate expedition to South America.

You’ve probably heard us talk about Ronan McMahon by now.

Ronan runs Pathfinder International, Ltd. – a global real estate advertising company.

He's investigated and led the way to a remarkably consistent stream of opportunities for owning overseas properties with huge upside potential long before vacationers, expats and most investors caught on to them.

He’s traveled to 16 countries in the past 12 months alone following real estate trends with the potential for profit…

But his latest discovery has got him more excited than ever.

Here’s why.

  • It’s a 100-mile stretch of coastlineon the Pacific.
  • It’s one of the most beautiful and least-expensive stretches of coastline you’ll find anywhere in the world. Lush, green, virgin tropical forests rise from rocky crags and white-sand beaches. And the climate here is near-perfect year-round.
  • It’s teeming with exotic flora and fauna. In fact, it’s not uncommon to see howler monkeys leaping from tree to tree in the jungle AND humpback whales leaping from the ocean on the same day!
  • The beach offers ample space for swimming, sunbathing, volleyball, seashell collecting, or just lazing under an umbrella while reading a book…
  • It’s still relatively undervalued. That’s because this stretch of coastline used to be very difficult to get to. But that’s all changed. A much-improved highway between this area’s coastline and the country’s capital city now makes getting to and from this area much, much easier.
  • This area is remarkably similar to that of another stretch of Pacific coastline our real estate scouts discovered a few years back. Why is this important? Well… real estate prices on that particular stretch shot up about 600% in the early years– bringing handsome gains to early buyers.

Here’s where this opportunity gets really exciting.

Right now, the market here is still untested. And real estate prices are still incredibly cheap.

In fact, just recently, you could find an 1,800-square-foot, three-bedroom, three-bathroom home herein a gated community overlooking the beach - complete with modern amenities and first-world comforts for just $120,000 .

Just how good is this deal?

Let me put it to you this way.

At a recent IL event, one of Ronan’s colleagues was discussing this opportunity with him. Someone who’s been in the international real estate business a long, long, time.

And here’s what she told him.

“… 16 years in this game… and this is the
best beachfront deal I have ever seen.”

So it goes without saying… bargains like these usually go fast.

Really fast.

The good news?

You’ve still got time to get in… before prices skyrocket.

So if YOU’D like a shot at owning your own slice of Pacific coast paradise… and possibly experiencing the same kind of gains that “early-in” buyers experienced in other Pacific coast hotspots… then you might want to give this opportunity a much, much closer look at this opportunity.

Here’s the best news.

You can find out ALL the details about this hot new development – and how to get in NOW… in the Special Report How to Stake Your Claim on the Pacific Coast’s Soon-to-Boom “100-Mile Miracle.”

free reportThe Greatest Money-Saving
Airfare Secret of All Time

Finding the best deals on airfares can be an arduous, frustrating process.

For example… take a look at how much it recently cost for a round-trip flight from Los Angeles to London.

  • On one day… a round-trip flight cost $2,494.
  • Two days later, it cost $3,275.
  • And two days after that, it cost $1,760.

All for the exact same flight!

Here’s another example… for a flight on Air France from Boston to Paris.

  • One day, the round-trip flights cost $540.
  • The very next day, it cost $500.
  • And the day after that? A whopping $1,300!

Again… all for the same round-trip flight!

So…why do airfares fluctuate like this? And, most importantly, how can YOU take advantage of this peculiar situation to book the absolute lowest airfares --every single time you fly?

You just need to use the ultra-powerful secret you’ll discover in the FREE report The Greatest Money-Saving Airfare Secret of All Time.

It will help you save more money on airfare than you ever thought possible.

free reportThe Most Powerful Money-Saving Skill for Budget-Minded World Travelers

If you’re like us, you don’t want to overspend on ANYTHING while you’re overseas.

  • Not on taxis…
  • Not on hotels...
  • Not on car rentals...
  • Not at restaurants. ..
  • Not for souvenirs…
  • Not on anything at all!

The thing is, MILLIONS of tourists… year-after-year… continually overpay on everything from souvenirs at local bazaars to chartered fishing trips in the Caribbean… and everything “for sale” in between.

The sad part is… this is totally avoidable.

THE GOOD NEWS IS… there’s a special “secret” skill you can learn and master in a very short period of time that can help you save money in more ways than you can possibly imagine.

The FREE report The Most Powerful Money-Saving Skill for Budget-Minded World Travelers will show you how to quickly and easily master the fundamentals before your next trip.

THIS SECRET ALONE is so powerful, it could literally save you thousands of dollars over the next few years!

free reportHow to Make the World’s “Best-Kept Secret Valley Town” Your New Adopted Hometown by This                        Time Next Year

If you love the outdoors and crave a small-town mountain life (minus the snow and ice, of course), I’ve got the place for you.

Imagine a postcard-perfect valley village in a soothing mountain setting.

It boasts some of the best year-round weather on earth, stunning mountain scenery, charming colonial architecture, a tight-knit expat community, locals that will welcome you with open arms, one of the lowest costs of living in the world ($2.50 for a three-course lunch is standard here) … plus countless opportunities for adventure.

In fact, we think it could be the best-kept secret valley town in the world!

In the FREE report How to Make the World’s ‘Best-Kept Secret Valley Town’ Your New Adopted Hometown by This Time Next Year you’ll find out how to get in now…

… while prices remain incredibly low.

free reportHow to Enjoy the Ultimate Cosmopolitan Lifestyle in “The Best-Value Capital City in the                              Entire World”

This capital city seems to have it all:

  • Large, fully-equipped shopping malls…
  • Perfect weather all year round (many expats say it’s the world’s best weather for a modern capital city)…
  • A bustling, modern, cosmopolitan atmosphere…
  • Lush, green neighborhoods…
  • Modern high-rises…
  • Towering eucalyptus trees…
  • A colonial-style historic center
  • Spanish-style architecture surrounded by towering green eucalyptus trees and expansive city views…
  • Trendy cafes, elegant cafes, and sizzling nightclubs
  • Clean and safe residential neighborhoods…

This capital city offers a first-world setting with all the big-city amenities. Yet it’s still very, very cheap.

Here, you can rent an apartment for as little as $280 a month… and live well on a budget of $1,500 a month   – which is a bargain for a modern city with a solid infrastructure, pure drinkable water, cable TV, and high-speed internet.

Take a look at the FREE report How to Enjoy the Ultimate Cosmopolitan Lifestyle in “The Best-Value Capital City in the Entire World” and you’ll get all the details on how to explore this thriving capital city… where it is (you won’t believe it!) and how to start a new life here.

free reportHow to Own Your Own Revenue-Generating B&B in Paradise… in One Year or Less

If you live in the kind of destination that attracts visitors, you can make a handsome living as a B&B owner.

What’s more, you’ll get to meet a constant flow of interesting people from all over the world!

But how do you do it?

Where do you start?

The FREE report How to Own Your Own Revenue-Generating B&B in Paradise… in One Year Or Less will give you the details on what it REALLY takes to rent rooms out to visitors in your overseas paradise of choice…

… and make a living at it.

free reportHow to Slash Your Retirement Costs by 50 % Using “Law 9”

Back in 1987, a Latin American country enacted a special law. It was called, “Law 9.”

And it has changed the lives of thousands of American and Canadian retirees forever.

It’s turned out to be the biggest money-saving piece of legislation for American retirees ever written beyond North American shores.

The FREE report How to Slash Your Retirement Costs by 50% Using “Law 9 ” will show you how to take full advantage of this powerful money-saving piece of legislation…

… and slash your retirement costs by as much as 50 %!

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When you become a subscriber to International Living magazine, not only will you receive an info-packed issue every month… but you’ll also gain immediate access to our online archives… which contains every issue we’ve published in the past ten years in PDF format.

What’s more, ALL of these issues are searchable online.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll discover in the archives:


  • How to buy your dream home in the Caribbean for $55,000…
  • A 10-step plan for buying real estate overseas…
  • How to buy in Tuscany’s “Land of 100 Castles” from $57,000…
  • The world’s best beachfront opportunity…
  • How to buy land in Costa Rica from $14,900…
  • How to own real estate with a 401K…


  • How to travel with your pets…
  • 10 gems off the tourist trail…
  • How to beat airline luggage fees…
  • The easy way to ship your stuff overseas…
  • How to get the best rental-car deal overseas…
  • Four new money-saving internet travel tips…


  • How to live in “Fairytale Europe” on $27 a day…
  • Six ways to enjoy romance overseas…
  • How to qualify for a second passport…
  • Four tips for schooling your kids abroad…
  • Europe’s best-kept city secret…
  • How to live on a Caribbean sailboat on 1,000 a month...


  • How to make money in Latin America’s powerhouse…
  • 10 great places to start a tourism business overseas…
  • How to cash in on Brazil’s growing middle-class…
  • How to make money from China’s next great leap forward…
  • How to open a café in Ecuador…
  • How to find a money-making, part-time escape…


  • The world’s best retirement haven…
  • How to retire on an $11,000 a year budget in the heart of Europe…
  • The perfect colonial retirement city…
  • Retire on a tropical island paradise on as little as $800 a month…
  • How to retire onthe best island escape in the Americas…
  • Eight secret beachfront retirement hideaways…


  • The world’s healthiest places to live…
  • How to save thousands on your dental care in Mexico…
  • The top 10 medical travel destinations…
  • How to get the best health insurance overseas…
  • An easy, three-part solution for health care coverage abroad…


  • The best credit card for world travelers…
  • How to choose an offshore bank in five easy steps…
  • The world’s next emerging market superstars…
  • The little-known European tax haven – and how to get in…
  • Four great ways to go offshore…
  • How to protect your savings the “street smart” way…

… and SO much more.

So if you fancy, say, retiring in Mexico… or starting your own B&B in Ecuador… or taking a round-the-world trip… or whatever else you might have in mind… just type in a few  search words… hit ENTER… and you can find what you’re looking for.

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-- International Living magazine subscriber Woody S.

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You’ll Also Get the World-renowned
Annual Global Retirement Index

Each year… International Living’s most well-known and well-respected report is available to subscribers. It’s International Living’s Annual Global Retirement Index.

And we just published the ALL-NEW 2011 edition!

In a nutshell, International Living’s Annual Global Retirement Index is a list of the top 30 countries for North Americans to retire in.

What’s more, each country is analyzed and ranked in categories - including health care, cost of living, climate, culture, safety, stability, and more…

For anyone who has dreamed of retiring overseas… yet isn’t sure exactly where to retire, International Living’s Annual Global Retirement Index can be the perfect place to start.

When putting together the Annual Global Retirement Index, we look closely at the best opportunities worldwide for retirement living.

  • Where will the retiree's dollars go farthest?
  • Which country is the safest?
  • Where is the health care best?

We give top priority to those things that matter most to anyone planning for retirement, including programs with special benefits for retirees... things like tax breaks and discounts, for example, that various governments offer in an effort to attract investment and retirement dollars.

NOTE: When you find out which country won this year… and what it’s like to live there (especially the incredibly low prices)… you’ll probably want to book a ticket as soon as you finish reading the report!

By the way, when you subscribe to International Living magazine, you’ll gain access to the 2011 Annual Global Retirement Index IMMEDIATELY.

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As an International Living magazine subscriber, you’re now entitled to a popular service we just added for readers this year.

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It’s called IL Extra.

In a nutshell, IL Extra is a special “alert” service we’ll send you via email… whenever a new “hot” opportunity arises.

We created it to help you keep on top of any late-breaking news or developments our on-the-ground scouts may encounter.

This way, you’ll always be on the “cutting edge” of what’s hot right now overseas…

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“I love to travel and have been side-tracked for the past ten years raising twin girls, but once they are grown, I plan to start travel writing and exploring again. In the meantime, IL keeps my dream alive and allows me to look forward to the day I will search for my retirement piece of heaven as well. Thanks and Congratulations IL!”

--International Living magazine subscriber Juli Miezejeski

“The one-page article in the June issue of the International Living magazine (Slip Into Life Overseas Part-Time by Kent Zimmerman) was great! The 6-week/3-month/6-month discovery year” is a good plan. I could see myself repeating that over many times because there’s so many places that I’d really like to see and experience the cultures.”

--International Living magazine subscriber Ron Montgomery

“Just received my first issue as I am a new subscriber. Read it twice already, cover to cover. Loaded with great info on living outside of the USA. Let the research and planning begin!”

--International Living magazine subscriber Wally Martin

“Belated congratulations to you! You have inspired so many people about enriching their lives overseas.”

--International Living magazine subscriber Sandra Kennedy

“My husband and I are long-term subscribers and look forward eagerly to each issue and read it cover-to-cover when it comes.”

--International Living magazine subscriber Lisa McMahon

“I can’t tell you how excited I’ve become reading your magazines, they feel like they were written just for me… I am so excited to retire and begin the next chapter of my life.”

--International Living magazine subscriber Jim Roberts

“I get the IL magazine and just love it.”

--International Living magazine subscriber Cyndi Minker

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